The only security system that can potentially affect
4 of the 5 human senses:

1. Sight (visual sense)

2. Hearing (auditory sense)

3. Smell (olfactory sense)

4. Taste (gustatory sense)


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Driven by demand from the Police for a portable security smoke solution, the Combat 360 is a unique patented design enabling set up and protection in a matter of minutes.


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The XFP line of products further complement the Security Smoke range. By producing an intense light effect, the screening properties of any Security Smoke is magnified immensely.


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The Stealth Defence Sound Barrier range provides a complement to the Security Smoke Generators. Upon activation an intolerable wall of sound is created forcing any intruder to leave the area.


Combat 360 generators from Stealth Defence are incredibly powerful security smoke and security fog systems.
Combat 360 is designed to remove the primary sense of sight and in doing so defend property and defeat intruders and burglars. We pride ourselves on excellence in service for both manufacture and installation of market-leading security systems.

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As society changes and criminals become more desperate and violent, alarm systems have become even more of a worthwhile investment in the protection of not only your home but also your family.
With the current reduction in policing levels and the high false alarm rates you can no longer rely on effective police response times.............the criminals know and often take advantage of this fact also.
Possibly, the only available security system that can safely place the odds back in your favour is the introduction and deployment of Stealth Defence.

Clients & Testimonials


The installation of Smoke Screen went very smoothly and I am completely satisfied with the product

Martyn Kenworthy, Group Security Manager, Ridgeons LtdDream Hold

The move to edge-of-town sites caused us problems. Break-ins increased dramatically and nothing we did had any significant effect. We tried Smoke Screen in a number of priority stores - those suffering repeated break-ins. The effect was dramatic.
We now have Smoke Screen in over 200 stores and we have seen burglary losses fall through the floor. Would I reccomend Smoke Screen? Absolutely, it works!

Mike Green, Senior Property Manager, Boots the ChemistEnvato

Thanks for your excellent support following the armed raid on our Wigan store. Your intervention with regards the Smoke Screen restoration following the incident is noted and very much appreciated. Your attitude and actions speak volumes for the kind of business you operate.

Richard Gerrard, Commercial Director, Aurum Holdings Ltd.Envato Inc

Our stores were fitted with monitored alarms, shutters and CCTV. We tried everything and nothing stopped the losses. Then we fitted Smoke Screen. The losses stopped!

Marry JaneMike Gough, Tesco Security Director